website of legal affairs

Welcome to the Website of the Ministry of Legal Affairs

The Ministry of Legal Affairs was established in response to the legislative needs of the Sultanate of Oman in pursuance of Royal Decree No 2/94 issued on January 5th, 1994.

The Ministry of Legal Affairs has been entrusted with a number of important competences specified in Royal Decree No 14/94. These competences include developing laws and regulations in coordination with other ministries and governmental bodies, preparing and reviewing draft royal decrees, laws, regulations, and ministerial decisions, preparing and reviewing draft treaties and international conventions that the government intends to sign or join, reviewing contracts that impose an obligation on the government exceeding half a million Omani Rials, rendering legal opinions and issuing official fatwas and interpretations of royal decrees, laws, and ministerial decisions, safeguarding the interests of the government in disputes relating to government contracts, issuing the Official Gazette, and representing the government in international and regional organizations and conferences relating to legal affairs.